Once upon a time, there was a wonderful school of spellcraft and sorcery called Brewkessel. 62 years ago it vanished in a flash of red lightning, taking with it some of the best and brightest names in magic. All that was left behind was a deep, smoking hole.

Was it the result of a spell gone wrong? Had the gods finally rained down judgement on their vile witchcraft? No one could say for sure. In fear of repeating Brewkessel’s unknown mistake, one by one the other schools locked their doors.

Brewkessel reappeared 7 months ago.

What is Brewkessel?

Brewkessel is a megadungeon designed for Old-School Essentials and other classic RPG systems. It is presented as a series of zines that each detail a section of the dungeon and its surrounding area. Although Brewkessel is designed as a complete whole, each issue is modular, and can be played on its own or be mixed-and-matched with the other issues.

Issue #1: Enchantment

Issue #2: Evocation

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