Issue #2: Evocation

Inside Issue #2

BK#2: Evocation is devoted to the school’s upper floors, towers, and rooftops, amounting to nearly 50 keyed rooms.

Players will be able to:

  • Contain an unleashed fire elemental

  • Become tainted by wild magic

  • Undergo the Phoenessent Challenge to gain the Blessing of Phoenix’s Rebirth

  • Find clues related to Brewkessel’s disappearance in the Recurration Department

  • Cause a schism in a Yuggite Cult

  • Thwart a scheme to destabilize the very warp and weft of magic itself

  • Repair a windmill

It also contains the following resources for referees:

  • Rival adventuring parties

  • A plethora of strange potions, presented with tasting notes.

  • Instructions for adapting BK#2 into a standalone dungeon crawl.

  • Rules for wild magic spells and wild surges

  • How to assign your characters to one of Brewkessel's four houses: Kelpulous, Phoenessent, Prescipiece, or Riddleward.

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