Students at Brewkessel were sorted into four houses based on personality and magical predilection. Although the Cornuthaum of Selection was lost with the rest of the castle, Brewkessel alumni have passed down the magical traditions of the houses down through the decades. It is not unusual for someone to describe themself as a "Phoenessent Alchemist" or a "Kelpulous Necromancer," despite never having set foot in Brewkessel.


Brave, reliable, and ever-seeking personal improvement. Associated with great leaders and heroic deeds, but also with lost causes and second chances. They excel at evocation, transmutation, and fire magic.


Obsessive scholars, each answer they find leads to another riddle. Their brilliance illuminates and blinds in turns. They are fools and knaves: they are dishonest and unwise; they delight in riddles and trickery. They excel at enchantment, illusion, and air magic.


Healers and seers. They take care, in that they are careful and caring. They are accepting; of others and of what the future brings. Intuitive and wise, but also hidebound and fatalistic. Anyone who doesn’t fit another house tends to end up in Prescipiece. They excel at abjuration, divination, and earth magic.


A dark mirror of the other houses. Brave, wise, and curious, but undying rather than reborn, defiant rather than fatalistic, seeking knowledge and power but not illumination. They sacrifice. They are lured into the depths and lure others in turn. They excel at conjuration, necromancy, and water magic.