Issue #1: Enchantment

Inside Issue #1

Everything you need to start a Brewkessel campaign, including character prompts, an overview of the surrounding area, and adventure hooks.

  • The witch who controls the grounds and her force of canny mercenaries.

  • Brewkessel's ground floor, which includes the mundane requirements of a boarding school: kitchen, smithy, baths, owlery, and hospital.

  • The School of Enchantment, featuring a warlock with a wizard's head in a jar, a mad enchantress, and a portal from the fey realm.

  • Rival adventurers interested in the dungeon's treasures and secrets.

  • A plethora of strange potions, presented with tasting notes.

  • Rules allowing characters of any class to learn spells.

  • How to assign your character to one of Brewkessel's four houses: Kelpulous, Phoenessent, Prescipiece, or Riddleward.

In short: 64 pages, 36 rooms, 28 new monsters, 26 random encounters, 22 potions, 7 major NPCs, 6 magical paintings, and 4 rival adventurer parties.

See here for errata and additions.

"Interactivity is great, with curses, boons, banes, potential allies and neutral parties scattered everywhere. Just about every room has some kind of thing going on, which, while not exactly true, even the 'empty' rooms feel like you’re someplace worth looking in to.

This is a very worthwhile addition to a game. It’s the best Hogwarts I’ve seen. It captures the spirit of Hogwarts, and warped nature turning it in to an adventuring locale … without it being too cutesy or bizarre for the sake of bizarre. It’s a fine line to walk and the designer does a good job. I hope to see more entries."

Bryce Lynch, Ten Foot Pole

"The illustrations are charming. [...] Little space is wasted on gratuitous text, and everything is neatly arranged.

It's a little on the whimsical side for me, but that's a) both a matter of personal taste and b) is vastly outweighed by the thought and care that went into the book.

Overall, I'm super impressed with this project."

Todd, Third Kingdom Games

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