BK#1 - Errata and Additions

p.13 - Corrected the prices for Wendilia's spellcasting to: detect evil 40g, dispel magic 85g, polymorph others 145g, remove curse 145g, teleport 200g, geas 250g. Most of the prices haven't changed much, but geas is now much cheaper. There was an error in my spreadsheet that was, for some reason, basing the spellcasting fees on the number of days needed to scribe a scroll of that level.

p.13 - Clarified that Wendilia pays 25g for a memory strand.

p.32 - The value of the wand of hold person should be 935g.

p.34 - Tesseract can now be used to assist with researching new spells and learning spells from textbooks. When researching a new mind-affecting spell, it reduces the time and cost by 10%. When learning a spell from a textbook (or otherwise), the chance to learn is increased by 20%.

p.58 - The value of the wand of animate dead should be 800g.

p.58 - The Spider now drops the huntsman's longbow. It functions as a longbow +1, but when the wielder rolls a natural 20 to hit, the target must save vs spells or be entangled as per the web spell.

p.64 - The chance to learn a spell from a spellbook can never be higher than 95%.

Minor changes: Phoenessent's spelling has been corrected. Can't believe you all let me spell it wrong for so long! Gregory is now consistently referred to as a magic-user, not a wizard.